Exactly How is Wine Made? I am very Curious

Wine that has been made and consumed by man for centuries is an alcoholic drink
made from the fermentation of grapes. Grapes have a natural potential to
ferment without the addition of any acids, enzymes and sugar.

Do you know how wine is made?

The grapes will be allowed to get ripen until it reaches a particular
sugar content i.e., above 18 percent. After the grapes have been plucked and
crushed, it is allowed to ferment with lactic acid bacteria and yeasts.

The yeast which is added in to the crushed wine grapes converts them into
alcohol. The yeast has the ability to consume the sugars found in the grapes
and turns them into alcohol.

The yeast plays a major role in providing a fine taste to the finished wine
Other factors such as temperature at the time of fermentation, strain
of yeast used etc. Also addition the yeast will help you to retain the aroma of
wine and also ensures a complete fermentation.

The flavor of a wine is basically determined by the characteristics of the
yeasts added and the also the fermentation temperature. While doing spontaneous
fermentation there is much possibility for the formation of different kinds of
yeasts at different stages. A winemaker therefore should be keen on avoiding
such formation. Flavorful wines can be attained through successful spontaneous

After completing the yeast fermentation, a second fermentation by lactic acid
bacteria has to be undergone, known as malolactic fermentation. During this
process, lactic acid bacteria turn the malic acid to lactic acid and carbon
dioxide, which helps to lower the acidity of the wine. This process helps to
change the fruit flavor of wine and adds some flavor compounds.

After that wine is refined through filtration process, it is allowed to
stabilize. Wine will be then stored in glass bottles, stainless steel tanks,.
and wooden barrels. During this stage different kinds of bacteria and yeasts.
will be present in the wine. Due to the activities of these micro organisms,.
the flavor of wine could be further modified.

After the entire fermentable sugar has been consumed by the yeast it will fall.
to the bottom of the glass bottle or container. The wine will be.
transferred to other container, leaving the yeast, and will be allowed to.
mature till the time of bottling.

How does wine get its color?

The color of the wine ranges from pale yellow to red. The wine attains its.
color by letting the skins to soak in the juice during fermentation. But in.
white wine the skins will be removed immediately and will not be allowed to.
soak in the juice.

What does determine the taste of wine?

There are many factors which determine the taste of the wine. The taste of the.
wine is primarily determined by the variety of grape used. Each grape variety.
has its own flavors, aromas, and textures. The soil and.
climate plays major role in determining the taste of the wine.

How is Wine Classified?

Wine is broadly classified in three major categories: table wines, sparkling.
wines, and fortified wines. Table wines commonly known as still or natural.
wines are consumed mostly with food. Sparkling wines are used mainly for.
occasions such as weddings, parties, and during the holidays. Fortified wines.
are the most commonly used one and is frequently used in cooking. Table wines.
are further classified based on their color such as red, white, or rose.

Italy and France are the leading wine producing countries in the world followed.
by Spain, US, Argentina, Germany, South Africa, Australia and Chile. The most.
famous white wine varieties are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Riesling.
and Gewürztraminer. The most famous red wine varieties are Syrah, Merlot, and.
Cabernet sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Sangiovese and Barbera. The famous.
sparkling wines which are liked by most of the people are Blanc de Noir, Blanc.
de Blanc, Champagne and Spumante.